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Barefoot Dubai is a British qualified professional photography company started in Dubai and has grown organically with your help. Read below to find out more about Alex and the Barefoot Dubai team.

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Run by Alex Jeffries, a Dubai resident for 15 years – Barefoot Dubai is a family business. Alex also has a successful commercial photography business, and was frequently asked by friends and clients: “Will you do a family shoot?” or “can you photograph our newborn?” Common complaints he heard: family photographers are unprofessional, they charge too much, they don’t deliver what I want. So the Barefoot seed was planted: Alex thought long and hard to see if he could create a professional family photography service that fixed these issues. Things high on the agenda were: price, deliverables, choice and most importantly, quality.

Alex’s family grew with his wife’s first pregnancy and he was immersed into the wonderful world of families, babies and children. The Barefoot seed started to grow.

The pregnancy was far from easy or straightforward, many times the family were told to be prepared, that the baby might not make it.

But with prayers, tears and a fantastic doctor, a miracle happened. Baby Aya arrived early but perfect at 36 weeks on 16th of September 2013.

And around that time, Barefoot Dubai was born too.

Barefoot Dubai

We all know that wonderful feeling: when you slip off your shoes at the end of a long day, walk through fresh grass or stroll along the beach. We call it ‘that Barefoot feeling’, a moment when you’re relaxed, comfortable and can truly be yourself. It’s wonderful to see photos of our loved ones (with the whole family in the shots), but not at great cost, or in a stuffy formal environment. Barefoot Dubai offers stylish, contemporary and beautiful images captured on relaxed and fun photo shoots.

Whether you’re a self-conscious pregnant mum to be, a couple in need of some down time, or a family who can’t all smile at the same time, we can help. We can soothe your beautiful newborn at a time when we know you are going through a roller coaster of emotions.

family photographer dubai

We understand that not everyone likes to have their photo taken and that you are not always feeling your best, so we use our years of experience, relaxed style and great locations to get the best out of you.

We’ll plan an elegant and creative shoot to celebrate your family and capture memories forever, creating great images of you and all of the family, young and old. When it comes to professional family photography, we have listened to what you want and what you are unhappy with.
All too often we hear that people are lured into photoshoots by an appealing offer, only to discover that if you want your images (digital files) or canvases and prints afterwards, you will have to pay thousands of dirhams for the privilege.

We don’t do that. We are open about our costs and the way we work, nothing is hidden. Our costs are ‘all in’ costs. Alex strongly believes in being upfront and transparent with clients. Many other photographers may offer a low session / shoot fee, but then often after, they will include many add-ons, so the total cost ends up being much more than you expected to pay. People tell us every day at shoots, they are unhappy for being ‘tricked’ in this way and want more transparency in family photography.
Our clients feedback to us is, that they trust and respect the professionalism and honesty in our pricing and also clarity in our deliverables and we are very proud of this.

family photographer dubai

After the shoot, what do you get?

After the shoot, (within ten working days) we give you (30-40 retouched)

1. Classic black and white images.

2. Beautiful full colour images.

3. Great Vintage look images.

Then in each of these 3 categories, we give you

a. High resolution files (these are files you can use for print.)

b. Low resolution files (these are files you can use for online and social media use.)

And yes! Unlike some other Photography companies in Dubai, our images are not copyrighted or watermarked, they are your images.

No other family Photography company in Dubai offers so many great options.

We will spend an hour or two with you (depending on which shoot you book), on a date and a time convenient for you. We’ll discuss any special shots you may want or any concerns you may have before the shoot. After the session we don’t just give you unedited files straight from camera, we carefully assess, colour correct and retouch the files, then deliver the best (high resolution) images so you can view and download them with your friends and family.

It’s as simple as that. No charges for extra images. No medium resolution images. No watermarked images. No holding your images to ransom keeping them for months and months. You get them all, when you want them, in high resolution. We also give you classic black and white, gorgeous colour and a vintage look, plus low resolution versions of the files for emailing to family and friends and sharing on social media. All of this for one price (all prices are clear on our website). Nothing is hidden.

family photographer dubai
family photographer dubai

Let’s talk for a minute about the images as well. We are a licensed, professional and British qualified photography company who take great photographs and make great images.

We didn’t just buy an expensive camera, attend a photography course and make a Facebook page. Alex has 25 years experience, 15 of which have been on the ground in the region, and holds a qualification from the British institute of Professional Photography. We are members of the British Royal Photographic Society and are the very first Photography company in the UAE to be awarded membership to the The National Association of Professional Child Photographers, whose mission is to promote and support the artistry and integrity of professional child photographers around the world.

Regarding image quality – we are Getty approved – Getty sets quality benchmarks for professional photographers all across the globe and they have the highest industry standards. We have also been invited to work directly with Adobe® as an Adobe Community Professional (ACP) Alex is one of the highest rated Adobe software trainers in Dubai, dedicated to enhancing creativity, communication, and collaboration with the global Adobe community, with direct access to program benefits and tools and can interact with Adobe teams who are working with the latest design and imaging technologies.

Alex also teaches Studio lighting and Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom software training for EMDI, Gulf Photo Plus, and Tashkeel-Dubai. Consequently, Alex and the team possess great retouching and colouring skills making your images really stand out from the rest. Have a look at some of our great images here.

family photographer dubai

From speaking with many many mums and dads and families, we are aware you are very passionate to choose the right photographer, therefore please consider these three very important points before making your decision:

1. Look at the images the company or photographer has shot before.

2. When comparing costs, consider what the company gives you for that cost. (We give you all the images. There are no hidden costs. See above)

3. Read client testimonials, feedback from happy customers.

We realise how important it is to capture special moments in our lives, and we truly believe that Dubai’s families and visitors should have gorgeous photos without fussy photographers, expensive studios, stress and high-prices.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the Barefoot Family!

family photographer dubai

The team

Sapphire – Whether she’s on a beach in fifty degree heat or in a studio with five children under her feet, Sapphire keeps her cool and delivers amazing images every time. With five years photography experience, Sapphire brings out the best in everything and everybody, from babies to mums to families.

Alex – With over 25 years experience, both in the UAE and UK, Alex has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands. His cool, calm and collected style is legendary, bringing creative flair with no stress to every photography shoot. His professional experience means you can relax, have fun and know that you are in completely safe hands.

Ruth – New in Dubai, we were so pleased when Ruth contacted us… We call her the baby whisperer, great people skills, great shooting skills, a real asset to our team, we couldn’t do without her.

Kelly – If we shoot together, you will have spoken with Kelly on the phone, or by email… Able to juggle diaries like a Jedi master, and can recall families we have shot with by all their names from a year ago – couldn’t be calmer in a crisis.

family photographer dubai

This is Aya (above), where it all started.

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